3 Kings Weed

The phrase 3 kings may refer to a Christmas poem, but it can also be used to describe a superior marijuana variety. This strain produces strong effects, including a powerful head rush and total relaxation. There are several distinct yet pleasant experiences reported by users of this strain.

According to reports, the Highlife is a 20 percent THC sativa-dominant hybrid. Depending on growing methods, THC levels vary from the 20s to the 30s. Some people claim that after taking their first whiff of this genetic masterpiece, you might expect your eyelids to droop just a little, and all of your worries would melt away. It’s a go-to option among folks seeking for an anxiety reliever or a method to eliminate negative thought processes that drain their energy.When not overused, it is possible to maintain a certain level of clarity and focus. This strain has little body high, according to some customers, so if you have pain or discomfort, it may not help much. Many individuals have stated that 3 Kings doesn’t provide much of a physical high, therefore if you don’t suffer from pain or misery, it will most likely not assist you much.

When you open up your 3 Kings package, the odor of an OG strain greets you, reminiscent of diesel and sour lemons. It may seem skunky, and the stronger the smell, the more potent it will be. Before breaking up your flower, you’ll be able to observe its sugar-coated appearance, which warns you of its powerful potential. In comparison with its aroma, which has a skunk-like scent, the flavor is typically earthy or like freshly churned dirt.


The 3 Kings strain is one of the most potent cannabis strains available, with a medium-to-full body buzz. It’s not only uplifting, but it also stimulates the intellect’s creativity. In moderation, the 3 Kings may even improve one’s attention.

Another side effect of this strain is its overall happiness, which makes you happier. While it’s Sativa-dominant, its Indica side compliments it well by allowing for physical relaxation. Its popularity stems from its ability to put smokers in a calm frame of mind.

The Three Kings may or may not have been rulers of the ancient world who brought gifts to Jesus, but it is unquestionably a present that brings you pleasure. This strain is ideal for daytime use and can add some excitement to a social gathering.


Even the most seasoned smokers, who have tried numerous strains, may be taken aback by the odor of this strain. It has an earthy pine fragrance that is not unappealing.


The Tikun Olam strain is a favorite among patients, as it has a pleasant flavor and odor that isn’t harsh. It has a pine-like aftertaste with an undertone of diesel. The flavor of this product has been compared to hash rather than Kush, perhaps owing to the quality of the buds. Nonetheless, most people like it.

Adverse Reaction

Let’s see how well you know your cannabis strains and the effects of smoking them. Is there a problem?

However, be aware. You’ll never be able to forget it once you’ve figured it out. The advantages of smoking too much may dissipate. One of the major reasons why a lot of individuals use cannabis is to unwind. If you smoke too much with the 3 Kings, you might become more nervous and paranoid.


So, how can a strain that makes you feel happy and calm on the inside as well as out be used to treat an illness? It’s easy. Cannabis may assist individuals who are experiencing severe stress or worry. Although cannabis smoking might help relieve anxiety, the problems that cause your stress or even worse do not go away on their own. They won’t leave you alone until you face them head-on. 3 Kings smoking only provides you with a short period of comfort while dealing with your emotions.

The medical applications of 3 Kings include the alleviation of minor chronic pains and aches, as well as gastrointestinal disorders like nausea and anorexia. Many strains have a high THC concentration but lose their effects after they wear off.

The usage of 3 Kings in the evening is not suggested because it has a stimulant effect and most likely it would be difficult to sleep. If you’re searching for a strain to assist you sleep or if you suffer from insomnia, try something different.

Grow information

During the eight-to-nine week flowering period, the Three Kings reaches a medium size and produces moderate amounts of pale green colas with sparkling trichomes. This strain is ideal for both indoor and outdoor growth, however it will require some expertise to properly handle.

Grow info

3 Kings seeds should produce 600 grams per square meter in the home and 650 grams per plant out of doors. According to certain studies, 3 Kings seeds have been investigated for high amounts of cannabichromene (CBC), a cannabinoid that is thought to have anti-inflammatory advantages.

The strain’s popularity stems in large part from its potency, as well as numerous other reasons. When it comes to a variety of applications, it is also thought beneficial in the medical field. It is frequently utilized to assist patients with difficulties such as chronic stress and sadness. It aids them in making better judgments by allowing them to think clearly. You’ll typically see people using this medicine after they’ve smoked it because of this feature. It may still be used for various gastrointestinal tract disorders including nausea, vomiting, and pain relief. After taking this marijuana strain, you should feel fantastic.

Chemdawg #4 and Tres Dawg were used to create this powerful sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain is regarded as highly psychoactive, producing a wide range of cerebral effects such as an increase in creativity and mental energy. Smokedawg has numerous phenotypes and serves as a parent to many subsequent strains including Guava Dawg and I-95.


The effects of Smokedawg are both energetic and mental. You may anticipate an exciting cerebral buzz, with communication and positive feelings starting to flow freely during the first stage, making life easier and more manageable for people dealing with anxiety or depression. The high usually lasts around 2-3 hours, which makes it a wonderful daytime strain. This strain’s tremendous supply of energy might induce a large sense of ecstasy as well as cause people to laugh uncontrollably.

A soothing body high sets in during the second phase of the Smokedawg experience. Muscle tension, stress, and pains fade away as relaxation and pain relief take their place. This strain has been shown to produce a very cerebral high, as we previously stated. You may start to hear and comprehend things differently now that you’ve tried it once. You won’t lose complete control of your senses, but you will notice things differently for a few hours.


Smokedawg plants can reach a height of four to six feet. The buds grow tightly together on the stems rather than spreading out widely. Smokedawg’s nugs are dark green and thick, with plenty of orange hairs across the surface. This strain has a full-bodied flavor profile with strong diesel undertones in the scent. Users who are used to smoking sweeter, candy-like strains may find it difficult to enjoy this strain’s distinct flavor. It does, however, have a similar scent to its parent strain Chemdawg, which has a sour, earthy flavor. Spicy undertones and notes of pine may be detected at the exhale.

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