Black Cherry OG Weed

Grand Daddy Purple and Ken’s OG created the Blueberry. This variety has a moderate amount of THC but is still quite soothing to consume. This strain is commonly consumed before bedtime to relax and unwind. The Black Cherry OG strain was created by Kent Estes. He set out to produce a marijuana strain that could assist patients in alleviating pain. Granddaddy Purple Collective, founded in 2002, became known for its Granddaddy Purple (GDP) variety.

Estes’ back catalog, on the other hand, is comparable to that of Radiohead: chill and soothing. Estes’ medical marijuana expertise comes to light in this Black Cherry OG strain, which is a fantastic example of Estes’ medical marijuana expertise in action.

What Is the Black Cherry OG Strain?

The Estes strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. It was developed as a cross of GDP and Ken’s OG. However, the whereabouts of the strain’s origins are unclear. Only the breeders know the real genetics. The flowers and leaves have hints of purple, indicating they come from GDP. It also appears to be a mix of Ken’s OG.

You may be disappointed if you smoke this strain expecting a mild result.

After using Green Crack, you’ll be treated to a powerful slap in the face from Green Cherry OG! It relieves any anxiety or strain you may be feeling. Within seconds, users report feeling incredibly calm! It’s a stage that might last for hours as you become hazy and want to think about life’s purpose.

A euphoric cerebral high generally begins the experience. Because of this situation, a slew of ideas enter your mind. Soon enough, the physical impacts of this strain take hold. First, you’ll feel a tightness in your forehead; subsequently, your whole body will go limp. Your muscles relax as you drift off to sleep, and finally you’ll sink into your sofa or bed without wanting to get up again.


In many ways, the Black Cherry OG marijuana strain gives off an aroma that is comparable to that of other strains. When it’s smoked, you’ll notice notes of grapes and berries coumarin , as well as spicy and herbal undertones.


The enticing scent prepares you for a pleasurable flavor experience. When you light Black Cherry OG and breathe in, you’ll be shocked by the powerful and delicious berry tastes that explode on your palate. The smoking encounter is relaxing and pleasant throughout. On the exhale, you may get a refreshing sweet green tea taste.


Black Cherry OG has huge forest green nuggets, in addition to the well-known purple hues. It also has bright orange hairs and a minty green patch now and then. The nuggets are covered with white trichomes, making it quite resinous.

Black Cherry OG Strain Grow Info

The scarcity of Black Cherry OG seeds is most likely the most common problem you’ll encounter. When you get them, you’ll notice that developing it isn’t difficult. If you have prior marijuana growing experience, try to emphasize the purple hues on this strain. You may enhance the purple tones by exposing your plants to colder temperatures before bloom.”

Black Cherry OG may be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. If you want to cultivate it outside, you’ll need a mild climate. However, if you seek for a big crop, you will be sorely disappointed. On average, Black Cherry OG produces only 10 ounces per plant! It is ready for gathering by the start of October on average, whether it is cultivated indoors or outside.

Indoor growers will be able to grow Black Cherry OG for 9-10 weeks. The yield, as expected, is low, with 8-10 ounces produced per square meter planted.

Because Black Cherry OG cannabis hasn’t been properly studied, determining its THC content is difficult. It’s most likely between 12 and 18 percent THC, according to experts.

Black Cherry OG contains a small amount of CBD (less than 0.4 percent), which is unlikely to go higher.

Medical Benefits of the Black Cherry OG Strain

Cherry OG may aid with a range of health concerns, as it is produced by Ken Estes’s company. This isn’t exactly a surprise, given that it comes from Ken Estes’ factory!

Black Cherry OG is a popular cannabis strain for those suffering from muscular spasms, sadness, nausea, cramps, stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you want to try Black Cherry OG, make sure you do it late at night. You won’t be able to do any duties that require energy because of the strong sedative effects!

Possible Side Effects of the Black Cherry OG Strain

The list of possible negative effects caused by Black Cherry OG is fairly short. It’s doubtful that you’ll experience any severe symptoms, although each person is different! The most significant drawbacks include dry mouth and dizziness. You shouldn’t expect to have unpleasant or paranoid thoughts as long as you consume it in moderation.

Final Thoughts on the Black Cherry OG Strain

Black Cherry OG is one strain that could provide stress relief to you. Certain hybrid chemicals may function as natural antidepressants, according to some studies. This might explain why people feel ‘happier’ after consuming Black Cherry OG.

Because it is such a powerful sedative, don’t even consider operating heavy equipment shortly after consuming!

It’s extremely difficult to locate cannabis seeds. When you do, you’ll find that Black Cherry OG is simple to cultivate but the yield isn’t spectacular. Overall, it would be beneficial if you utilized Black Cherry OG towards the latter portion of the day. If you’re a first-time user, you may experience coughing as a side effect. If this happens, use a vaporizer instead.

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