Black Lime Weed Strain

A lovely, bright, and endlessly entertaining strain. For hours at a time, Black Lime cannabis strain will immerse you in pleasant euphoria. Certain strains are essential to have on hand for when the need arises. You should always keep a few nuggets sealed for a special occasion due to their incredible taste or potent effects.

Black Lime, also known as Black Lime Special Reserve, is a strong contender in this category. It has an intricate flavor that is surprisingly bright and a wonderfully soothing and pleasant high. Here’s all you need to know about the Black Lime strain so you can buy it before going to the dispensary.

What Is the Black Lime Strain?

Aficionado Seed Bank established the Black Lime strain nearly twenty years ago. These prolific growers have produced a variety of well-known strains, but perhaps one of their best is Black Lime. When it comes to breeding history, Black Lime has some pedigree thanks to its lineage created by crossing well-known types like Northern Lights, ChemDawg, and Purple Kush.

The most important thing about Black Lime is that its high is notoriously constant and long-lasting. While it contains a strong dose of THC, it avoids being overpowering or upsetting to users.

When you smoke Black Lime, you’ll notice a strong feeling of pleasure and amusement wash over you. The high transitions into one of vague tingly feelings throughout your entire body, yet it’s still full with bursts of fascinating pleasure and serenity.

Despite their longevity, these effects appear to be fleeting. While you will be under the influence of Black Lime for hours, you will believe that barely any time has passed at all. The most important thing to remember is a strong sense of euphoria and a tingling sensation all over your skin. This strain is ideal for using when you want to simply and quickly enjoy yourself without wanting anything more from it.


You’ll get a burst of citrusy zing on first sniffing Black Lime. At first, the citrus isn’t easy to detect, but it gradually transforms into the unmistakably sweet, clingy tanginess of lime juice. It has the distinct scent of lime peel, similar to that you obtain in zest form on a delectable dessert. You’ll notice a tremendous amount of black pepper at the conclusion of its fragrance as well as a spicy, almost acid-like odor that surprises you with its power.


When you crack the bud open and start to light it up, you’ll probably anticipate a burst of lime juice and orange peel. The first thing you’ll notice, though, is rather than an initial hit of lime juice and citrus peel, is a massive burst of mintiness.

The taste of fresh mint leaves is more intense and powerful, but it’s still quite refreshing and enjoyable. The lime from the aroma, on the other hand, will become obvious as you start to appreciate the smoke. It has a similar tartness to it; in fact, it almost tastes like a sweet cocktail. If you enjoy an Old Fashioned, you’ll love the flavor of Black Lime strain.


This lovely strain has tiny, colored blooms that resemble their flavor, which is somewhat minty green in appearance. There are also a lot of pleasant white trichomes that contribute to its distinctive flavor and scent. Furthermore, there are plenty of orange and amber pistils present, which contribute to the sharp aroma.

It also has a faint glimmer to it, giving it the appearance of being actively radiant in light, as if it is beckoning you to be appreciated.

Black Lime Strain Grow Info

If you can get your hands on some Black Lime strain seeds, producing your own Black Lime strain is rather simple. Look for a grower with an active Black Lime plant and ask to have a leaf removed from it if you’re having trouble finding seeds. Once planted, you may expect a typical development time of eight to ten weeks until the flowering stage is reached.

It’s no surprise that Privet Bush is low maintenance since its leaves are naturally pruned by sunlight. It grows tall and lanky, so it will benefit from pruning. Trim the under leaves if they become covered by additional growth on top of the plant to prevent them from becoming lost.

Make certain to chop off the top of the plant when it’s growing, as this will encourage a more lateral growth pattern. When it comes time to harvest, more growth on the side generally leads to greater bud development, so you should put it at the top of your list.

Another thing to consider is that the Black Lime strain has a strong, pungent scent when it grows. If you want to cultivate this variety behind closed doors, be sure to grow it somewhere well hidden if you are outside or protect it with a ventilator. You will soon discover that the smell is too powerful if there isn’t enough ventilation inside.

THC Content – Highest Test

Black Lime is widely recognized for having a particularly high amount of THC. The majority of Black Lime samples have around 19 percent to 20 percent THC, which is a substantial quantity when compared with most strains. This is just enough THC to cause mild dizziness in people who are not used to it, so be careful with your novice friend

CBD Content – Highest Test

Like all strains with a high THC concentration, Black Lime is notorious for having virtually no CBD content. While you could discover around 1% CBD in your Black Lime buds, there will be nothing more.

Even if you can’t get any CBD from it, the Black Lime strain still has a number of advantages.

Medical Benefits of the Black Lime Strain

It’s no surprise that marijuana’s primary medical advantages are linked to mental health when you acquire a strain that delivers an extended-lasting, euphoric high.

This strain is ideal for those that have trouble coping with day-to-day mood disorders such as sadness, anxiety, or overstress.

You will be happier with a greater quantity of THC and CBD in your cannabis oil. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you’ll feel liberated and able to confront anything the world throws at you. The euphoria from this strain is so intense that it may seem like you can conquer any difficulties you are having.

Black Lime has a variety of uses, but it is especially popular as a sleep aid. This isn’t because it causes you to become drowsy or because it makes you fall asleep. However, after several hours of its euphoric high, you will find it difficult to concentrate on anything else.

Insomnia is a disease that prevents people from sleeping. However, many persons who have difficulty falling asleep suffer due to unpleasant or anxious ideas that keep them awake. Black Lime is ideal for assisting those who struggle with falling asleep since it aids in the dispersion of thoughts, making it simple to fall asleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Black Lime Strain

The Black Lime variety has two major negative effects: dry mouth and eyes, which are the same side effects that most marijuana strains produce. This unpleasant combination will make you feel like you’re parched and your eyes are papery dry. Keep yourself well-hydrated by drinking lots of water, and be sure to keep a wet cloth on hand to comfort your sore eyes.

Aside from that, the only thing to remember is that it has a high THC content, which implies there’s a chance of unpleasant emotions. If you consume too much at once, these might manifest as mild headaches and dizziness.

To fully appreciate Black Lime, you must ensure that you only smoke as much as you need, and ideally with the assistance of someone else. It is not nearly as hazardous or unpleasant as other strains, but it unquestionably has the capacity to leave you feeling dizzy and confused.

Final Thoughts on the Black Lime Strain

The Black Lime strain is a cross between two strains with a long history. This plant’s powerful high that just won’t quit, as well as its great flavor and smell, make it a favorite among users. Whether you like your marijuana plants based on their effects or just choose the greatest-tasting buds, Black Lime should be able to satisy your needs.

It is a great choice for first-timers who use it sparingly because of its modest, euphoric high. It’s an excellent choice for first-timers if they take care with how much they smoke since the indica-leaning effects provide a body high without the same couch lock or limitless desire to pass out.

Keep some on hand for when your pals come over. It’s possible that you’ve had a bad day and need something to make it better. While there are numerous buds that promise to assist you get through a difficult day, Black Lime is likely superior than all of them combined.

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