Cannabis delivery in Abbotsford

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If you are unsure if a retailer is licensed, you can check the list of authorized retailers on the provincial government website. Only retailers on this list are legally allowed to deliver cannabis products in Cannabis delivery in Abbotsford.

Tips on Ensuring Your Safety With Cannabis Delivery in Abbotsford

Here are some tips to ensure your safety when using Cannabis delivery in Abbotsford:

– Make sure you are home when the delivery person arrives. If you are not home, they will likely leave the cannabis at your door, which could be unsafe if you live in a busy area.

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– If possible, have someone else with you when the delivery person arrives. This way, there is someone else who can witness the interaction and can help if anything goes wrong.

– Inspect the cannabis before accepting it in Abbotsford. Make sure that it is the right strain and amount that you ordered. If something looks off, do not hesitate to ask the delivery person about it.

– Be polite but firm with the delivery person. You do not want to give them any reason to think that you are an easy target.

– Trust your gut. If something feels off, it probably is. Do not hesitate to cancel the transaction if you feel unsafe.

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