Cannabis Infused Milk

There’s a new cannabis infusion in town, and it’s called cannabutter or cannaoil. Perhaps not completely new, but cannabis milk is a versatile and tasty cannabis infusions that is udderly simple to produce. Cannabis milk may be used to make a variety of creamy edibles, including infused weed ice cream, creamy, stony macaroni and cheese,… Continue reading Cannabis Infused Milk

Weed Cake Recipe

The world of edibles has long been dominated by pot brownies and the legendary, astronomic, spacecake. But if you’ve ever sat in an Amsterdam coffeeshop with a pre-wrapped space cake/brick of indeterminate origin and tried to wash it down, you might wonder why bother? The good news is that making a cake — including one… Continue reading Weed Cake Recipe

Rotten Runtz Weed Strain

Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) came up with the Rotten Runtz cannabis strain, which is an indica-dominant hybrid containing THC levels of up to 25 percent. It’s a cross between Chiquita Banana and OG Kush Genetics, with THC levels ranging from 20 to 25 percent. Try our Kootenayz Exoticz. Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) conducted a very… Continue reading Rotten Runtz Weed Strain

Kootenayz Exoticz Weed

The Kootenayz Exoticz strain, with its delicate piney, hashy, and minty flavor, is ideal for people who enjoy herbal and earthy marijuana. It also has a number of advantages, including a uplifting and giggly high that can help with chronic pain, inflammation, muscular spasms, and tiredness. It’s a relaxing bud overall but won’t overdose; as… Continue reading Kootenayz Exoticz Weed

About Full Melt Bubble Hash

If you’re searching for a high-quality cannabis extract, Full Melt Bubble Hash is one to consider. Typically more expensive than other six-star bubble hash due to its solventless, polluting, and residue-free nature, this solventless, polluting, and residue-free concentrate is frequently referred to as “the finest of the bunch.” The purity of the hash’s cannabinoids and… Continue reading About Full Melt Bubble Hash

Winter Berry Strain

Winter Berry is a very potent variety that needs considerable preparation before you can consume it. Get yourself a comfortable pillow and clear your calendar; this strain will have you sleeping soon enough. Winter Berrys are an iconic part of the Star Wars universe, as they represent the white-armored, blaster-wielding soldiers of the Empire. Try… Continue reading Winter Berry Strain

Purple Yeti Strain

The Purple Yeti marijuana strain is a well-balanced hybrid. The breed was originally created by TGA Subcool, who is also credited with developing the strain. The buds have a powerful fragrance that smells of blackberries and raspberries, as promised by the name. It’s a strong variety with THC levels up to 25 percent. Try You… Continue reading Purple Yeti Strain

Heaven’s Devil Strain

The Lavender family is used to create the Heaven’s Devil Strain cannabis, which is a 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid. It has a creamy caramel flavor that lives up to its name and is not only tasty but also aromatic and flavorful. Try our THC syrup. Heaven’s Devil Strain cannabis is a delicious strain that will appeal… Continue reading Heaven’s Devil Strain

THC Syrup Toronto

THC syrup is a thick, sweet liquid made up of vegetable glycerine, sweetness, and cannabis concentrate. It has the consistency of thick cough medicine and delivers many of the same psychoactive effects as traditional cannabis edibles. Try our Purple Yeti. THC syrup is a highly adaptable cannabis product that provides discretion and extremely potent levels… Continue reading THC Syrup Toronto