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Cold Creek Kush is a one-of-a-kind strain that can relax your mind and body without making you sleepy or sluggish. Cold Creek Kush is also a strong medical marijuana strain capable of curing almost any illness. You can buy Cold Creek Kush using dispensary near me.

There is nothing quite like heading home after a long and stressful day and enjoying a profoundly relaxing strain to complete your evening. Unfortunately, it is rare to find a strain that can truly relax you without leaving you feeling sedated and unable to make the most of your downtime.

This is not to say that it is not possible, though. There are a few rare hybrid strains that manage to pack almost all of the effects of an indica while leaving the heavy body sedation out of the mix. Cold Creek Kush weed is one of those rare and beautiful finds.

From its vibrant coloring that you cannot help but smile at, to its uplifting yet calming effects, Cold Creek Kush is perfect for a lazy evening in. A few puffs of Cold Creek Kush is enough to make the stress of the day feel like a distant memory, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing, stress-free evening.

Let’s take a closer look at the Cold Creek Kush strain and find out whether it is the right strain for you.

What Is the Cold Creek Kush Strain?

The Cold Creek Kush variety is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s well known for its balanced effects. Although Cold Creek Kush has a 70 percent indica / 30 percent sativa ratio, it nevertheless provides a mental buzz comparable to those found in more sativa-dominant strains.

Cold Creek Kush is a mix between MK Ultra and Chemdawg 91, as was T.H. Seeds’ invention. Within the indica class, Cold Creek Kush took home 2nd place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010.


The chill of Cold Creek Kush begins to seep into your bones, sending a mild warmth across your body. Your thoughts gently drift away to a state of calm and unwinding, pushing all stressful and anxiety-inducing concerns from your mind.

Despite its high indica content, Cold Creek Kush does not make users feel sedated, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. Instead of feeling physically imprisoned in your own body, you may enjoy a few ecstatic hours of happiness while feeling physically released from it.

Cold Creek Kush, like other indicas, may cause you to feel ravenous and want to eat your favorite foods only to discover them gone in the blink of an eye. It’s always a smart idea to keep some extra goodies on hand so you don’t have to wait for takeout delivery.

Many people think that because Cold Creek Kush is an indica-dominant strain, it lacks the uplifting qualities of sativa strains. However, this isn’t the case at all. The 30% sativa content of Cold Creek Kush shines through in the form of a joyful high that makes it difficult to feel anything but happiness.

Cold Creek Kush is great for use in the late afternoon and early evening since it can both relax your mind and body while still giving you enough energy to stay awake. Cold Creek Kush’s effects are long-lasting, and they have the ability to immediately affect your energy levels.


The Cold Creek Kush marijuana strain has a faint, almost fresh fragrance. It’s compared to freshly cut grass and damp dirt, according to some users. Before you even begin smoking Cold Creek Kush, its hard buds transport you to winter strolls in the countryside, relaxing your mind before you ever light up.

Breaking away the buds of Cold Creek Kush gives off a pungent, earthy fragrance that transports you from a relaxing stroll to the feeling that you’ve tumbled and fallen headfirst into the muck. As the pungency of the strain fades into the air, breathing becomes simpler, allowing you to enjoy its natural scent once again.

When Cold Creek Kush buds begin to burn, an intense heat permeates the air, mingling with the strong odor and producing a less-than- pleasant smell. Some have gone so far as to compare Cold Creek Kush’s scent to decaying wood and wet earth.

This is not to suggest that smoking Cold Creek Kush isn’t pleasurable if you search hard enough. It may even be a consoling scent for people who like cold winter days in the countryside. The pungent odor of Cold Creek Kush makes it difficult to smoke discreetly. It can occasionally be a source of worry before the strain’s relaxing effects have any effect. IsCold Creek Kush as harsh and pungent as its aroma?


Cold Creek Kush has a unique flavor profile that mixes earthy, piney notes with a sour tang that lingers for some time after smoking. It almost looks like Cold Creek Kush’s taste profile combines the best of its fragrance and leaves behind the noxious rotting flavor that often puts people off the strain.

Your taste buds are assaulted with an overpowering wave of woody pine as you take your first puff of Cold Creek Kush’s surprisingly smooth smoke. The flavor dissipates quickly, allowing you to focus on the distinct herbal and woody nuances.

After some time, you’ll notice more intricacy in the flavor, which is characterized by a pungent, sour taste that goes great with the earthy components. When the smooth smoke reaches your lungs, you have the opportunity to fully absorb the spicy, barren taste. Cold Creek Kush leaves a sour aftertaste in your mouth that lingers for quite some time after smoking.


The buds of Cold Creek Kush are densely packed, hanging heavily from the plant. The color of the buds is rich olive green, and trichomes in vivid orange run throughout. Because to their size and presence, Cold Creek Kush’s buds are the first thing you notice when looking at a Cold Creek Kush plant.

Cold Creek Kush plants, when cultivated in the right conditions, may grow to be as tall and wide as trees. Because of their appearance, Cold Creek Kush plants should not be trimmed too frequently, however because of their size and form, they can resemble overgrown bushes that need taming.

Cold Creek Kush Strain Grow Info

Fortunately, Cold Creek Kush plants are perfect for first-timers who want a low-maintenance plant with a lot of flowers. Additionally, Cold Creek Kush plants are resistant to most garden molds and mildew, so you should be able to grow it outdoors without any issues.

Cold Creek Kush is a cross between two strains of Cannabis sativa and indica: Dark Chocolate (65% indica/35% kush) and Tangerine Dream. Cold Creek Kush plants are happiest in hot, dry environments with plenty of sunshine, taking 9 to 12 weeks to finish indoors.

Cold Creek Kush plants can thrive both indoors and outside, yet they may grow to be larger than other hybrid plants. As a result, it’s critical to guarantee that they have enough room to spread out. The densely packed buds of the strain add noticeable weight to Cold Creek Kush plants, so over trimming the rest of the plant is not necessary.

The best time to harvest Blue Dream is from mid-October until early November, depending on the strain. Plants that grow outside will generally be ready to pick in late October. You can expect an average yield of 25 ounces per plant if you provide plants enough area to develop fully outdoors. Indoor plants, on the other hand, give a typical 20 ounces per square meter of growth.

TH Seeds sells Rough Creek Kush seeds and feminized plants, which means that they are not ready to sprout right away. Clippings, on the other hand, guarantee a more reliable growth experience without the need of planting seeds.

THC Content – Highest Test

Cold Creek Kush cannabis has an average Tetrahydrocannabinol level of between 15 and 22 percent, making it towards the higher end of the spectrum for a hybrid strain. As a result of Cold Creek Kush’s high THC concentration, it may produce strong effects that are overwhelming to non-users. How does Cold Creek Kush’s CBD content compare to its powerful THC levels?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Cold Creek Kush, unsurprisingly, has a low CBD percentage of around 1%. It’s unusual to come across a strain with both high THC and CBD concentrations, therefore it would be surprising to find more than 1% CBD in Cold Creek Kush. Despite having a low CBD level, Cold Creek Kush is still an attractive medicinal strain due to its high THC concentration. Let’s look at what makes Cold Creek Kush such an appealing medical variety.

Medical Benefits of the Cold Creek Kush Strain

Cold Creek Kush is an effective cure for sleeplessness. While Cold Creek Kush does not cause a full state of sedation, it does assist to clear your thoughts and allow you to easily achieve a mental calm and tranquility. Cold Creek Kush in higher doses has sedative effects that make it easier to drift in and out of sleep.

Cold Creek Kush’s physical numbness makes it an excellent method of natural pain management. Taking small doses of Cold Creek Kush throughout the day provides all of the numbing pain relief you’ll need to get through the day without being mentally clouded. Cold Creek Kush is especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from chronic pain. Patients may use it on a daily basis without risk of significant side effects.

Cold Creek Kush is a wonderful strain for treating migraines. It is not only capable of dulling pain, but it also provides a mental uplift that helps you feel good and productive. Cold Creek Kush also makes it simpler to handle the detrimental mental side effects that are sometimes associated with a migraine.

Cold Creek Kush’s ability to transport you to a near-instant state of mental calm makes it ideal for those who suffer from depression and chronic stress. Cold Creek Kush cleanses your mind, allowing you to look at issues from a more detached perspective. However, because Cold Creek Kush has a high THC content, there are certain negative effects that come with it.

Possible Side Effects of the Cold Creek Kush Strain

There are several distinct differences between the various cannabis strains. While it may not be suitable for individuals who aren’t used to such strong marijuana, others will appreciate its powerful THC content. Cold Creek Kush has even been reported to make some people anxious with a few puffs.

When you’re in a complex scenario and don’t feel really calm, you might get dizziness immediately. These may make it seem as if everything is moving around you while you’re detached from the world.

For individuals who are not accustomed to such a high THC concentration, it is suggested that they start with a tiny dose and increase gradually. It’s also a good idea to have a trusted friend nearby who you know you can rely on.

Dry mouth is a typical symptom of smoke from Cold Creek Kush. Fortunately, this has no significant impact on your health and merely feels like an annoyance. Dry mouth may cause the roof and sides of your mouth to be severely parched and dehydrated.

Keeping hydrated while under the influence of Cold Creek Kush can help to lower your chances of experiencing any Cold Creek Kush negative effects.

Final Thoughts on Cold Creek Kush Strain

Cold Creek Kush is a pleasant cross between two excellent strains, ideal as an unwinding and relaxing end to your day. Cold Creek Kush has an experience that no other strain can match , provided you can get past the pungent scent and unpleasantly dense buds.

Cold Creek Kush is a beautiful, light-green strain with frosty white trichomes that has become famous for its powerful medical effects. It may be used to treat both chronic pain and severe migraines, making it an ideal option for those seeking a natural treatment for either problem.

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