Heaven’s Devil Strain

The Lavender family is used to create the Heaven’s Devil Strain cannabis, which is a 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid. It has a creamy caramel flavor that lives up to its name and is not only tasty but also aromatic and flavorful. Try our THC syrup.

Heaven’s Devil Strain cannabis is a delicious strain that will appeal to fans of sweet foods. It has an creamy caramel taste that truly delivers on the promise. But be warned: don’t get caught up in the lovely fragrance and sweet flavor because this bud is known to pack a punch, and it isn’t for faint-hearted individuals.

Heaven’s Devil Strain is a sativa-dominant strain that isn’t only delicious, but also has a lot more to offer. Sativa strains are recognized for having a “head high.” You can anticipate an intense cerebral high with bouts of euphoria as a result of the THC concentration in Heaven’s Devil Strain.

Heaven’s Devil Strain is a popular cannabis strain thanks to its unique taste and energizing effects. Although its most famous feature is the complex terpene profile, users enjoy this strain for its moderate, uplifting effects. They promote vitality and provide strong symptom alleviation.

What Is the Heaven’s Devil Strain Cannabis Strain?

The breeders of Delicious Seeds, who are located in Spain, developed the Heaven’s Devil Strain. It’s a fantastic plant created from Lavender indica stock with excellent THC levels of around 24 percent. 70% sativa and 30 percent indica make up the ingredients of this marijuana strain. Because it tastes like sweet caramel, it has earned its name.

The strong landrace background and powerful, well-balanced effects of this feminized hybrid have earned it several European cannabis prizes. Because it will put you in a state of bliss, Heaven’s Devil Strain is ideal for people seeking for an enlightening and happy experience.

The Heaven’s Devil Strain high from its sativa lineage hits fast. You’ll experience blood pressure building in the eyes and temples, as well as a blush on the cheeks, at first. After you’ve gotten used to it, you might notice that your thoughts have taken on a higher level of awareness. Sounds loud enough or brightly colored may affect you more strongly than before, and your thoughts can jump all over the place in free association.

Heaven’s Devil Strain cannabis has an effect opposite to that of normal marijuana. Users may slow down without the couchlock feeling taking hold, since it makes them feel euphoric and excited. Because it is such a stimulant, Heaven’s Devil Strain can turn your frown upside down and make users feel like they are treating themselves.

The physical and emotional benefits of this strain include stronger energy levels without making you feel jittery, as well as improved productivity due to its focus-boosting effects. If you’re searching for a little pick-me-up, Heaven’s Devil Strain is an excellent choice. It will make you feel peaceful and uplifted.


Heaven’s Devil Strain cannabis is a feminine-scented marijuana strain that has undertones of sweet and spicy fruit. It’s a sweet bud, which you can immediately tell when you crack it open; expect an intense lavender scent with notes of fresh and wild berries.


Heaven’s Devil Strain is a flavorful strain that may quickly become one of your favorite. When burned in a joint or pipe, it generates a smooth and pleasant smoke. It has notes of lavender on the inhalation that provide it a spicy taste, and the inside of the mouth is coated with an unusual combination. Expect a sweet and flowery aftertaste to linger on your tongue on the exhale.


The cannabis plants of Heaven’s Devil Strain have broad leaves that are short and stubby. The buds are similar to those of Indica strains, with tightly packed leaves. The leaves are one of the standout features of this strain, featuring a beautiful blend of pale sage and vivid spring green. Twisted yellow and red pistils twist their way through the colorful foliage, which is covered in a snowfall of sparkling white trichomes.

Heaven’s Devil Strain Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Heaven’s Devil Strain is a forgiving strain that is resistant to most mildews and molds. As a result, it may be produced in fairly humid conditions. Delicious seeds sells Heaven’s Devil Strain seeds, and you can expect significant yields – much to the delight of growers everywhere. The plant thrives in plenty of sunshine and warmth.

Indoor, the average yield for Heaven’s Devil Strain is about 14 ounces of bud per square meter, and it takes around 8 to 9 weeks to flower and be ready for harvest. Because these plants can grow tall indoors, indoor growers may need to prune them back to prevent them from becoming too tall.In average, 18 ounces of bud per plant is produced in outdoor conditions by the Heaven’s Devil Strain, and it should be ready for harvest around the middle to end of October.

THC Content – Highest Test

According to our data, the THC content of Heaven’s Devil Strain ranges from 17% to 31%, which is a wide range. Based on our study, it appears unlikely that this strain would have THC levels higher than 24%, but it is not out of the question. In either case, this strain is recognized for having a high THC content.

CBD Content – Highest Test

When you can’t discover much information about the CBD level, it’s an indication that the strain has little CBD. The Heaven’s Devil Strain is one of those strains that has virtually no CBD. However, because it lacks CBD, this strain isn’t completely useless.

Medical Benefits of Heaven’s Devil Strain Cannabis Strain

The Devil’s Weed strain is believed to have medical cannabis applications. Its uplifting qualities can help with the treatment of depression and stress symptoms. Chronic stress disorder is often treated with it.

The mental benefits of CBD can also help those suffering from attention deficit disorders concentrate. It aids in the slowing of thoughts while maintaining attention and focus. It also encourages users to think more optimistically, rather than succumbing to their anxieties.

Heaven’s Devil Strain can also assist with physical pain, whether it’s chronic or temporary, such as injuries. Because of this strain’s ability to make users feel less weighed down by bodily agony, it may also aid in the relief of back discomfort and migraines.

Heaven’s Devil Strain can also assist patients who are suffering from chronic tiredness, making it easier for them to stay active and reducing their sluggishness. If you want some assistance in regaining your appetite, Heaven’s Devil Strain may be able to help you out.

Possible Side Effects of the Heaven’s Devil Strain Cannabis Strain

Heaven’s Devil Strain may cause dizziness and other adverse effects, particularly if you take bigger doses or aren’t used to smoking such a powerful strain. It’s best to start this strain with caution to avoid overwhelming yourself at first.

Cottonmouth and red eyes are normal with nearly every cannabis strain, as is the potential for cottonmouth and red eyes. To minimize these symptoms, stay hydrated and keep water handy.

Final Thoughts

The Heaven’s Devil Strain is a delicious variety that’s ideal for anyone seeking for a little pick-me-up. It has powerful, euphoric, cerebral effects with an indica influence that also relieves tension. The high is known to last longer than average and can be enjoyed at any time of day.

You should definitely give this strain a try since it has uplifting and invigorating effects as well as the capacity to keep you high for a long time.

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