Training Day Marijuana Strain


Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 21%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

Body High, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy
May Relieve
Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Epilepsy, Headaches, Insomnia, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscle Spasms, Stress
Grape, Pine, Woody
Earthy, Kush, Pine, Pungent, Woody


Training Day is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created through a cross of the classic Trainwreck X LA Confidential strains. Don’t let the name fool you – you don’t’ want to smoke this bud unless your training for the couch riding Olympics. Rather than giving you energy to hit the gym or the books, Training Day brings an ironically heavy stone that leaves users couch-locked and completely dazed for hours on end. The high starts with a creeping cerebral stone that builds and builds, leaving you happy with a deep sense of mental relaxation. As this calm builds mentally, it will start to spread throughout your body in warming waves, lulling you into a deep sedation and stealing away your ability to move. Many users tend to give up and fall asleep at this point, although some may actually pick Training Day to help them sleep easier. With its 21% THC level, these effects make Training Day perfect for treating insomnia, chronic pain, muscle spasms or cramps, and headaches or migraines. This bud has a flavor of earthy kushy pine that has a slightly pungent aftertaste upon exhale that tends to linger. The aroma is incredibly strong, with a stench of pungent kush accented by earthy pine. Training Day buds have large and lumpy pepper-shaped nugs with sparse orange hairs and a coating of jagged crystal clear trichomes.