Winter Berry Strain

Winter Berry is a very potent variety that needs considerable preparation before you can consume it. Get yourself a comfortable pillow and clear your calendar; this strain will have you sleeping soon enough. Winter Berrys are an iconic part of the Star Wars universe, as they represent the white-armored, blaster-wielding soldiers of the Empire. Try our Heaven’s Devil Strain.

Winter Berrys’ most notorious feature is their poor shooting; regardless of how many bullets they fire, they are always unable to hit the heroes. How surprised would you be if the cause of their inaccuracy was simply a touch too much THC?

While we will never know what strains Winter Berrys are puffing in a galaxy far, far away, we may get a pretty good idea with a few strains available on Earth.

The Winter Berry strain, which was developed by growers from Lakewood’s Infinite Wellness Center to replicate the sensation of uselessness as well as a hint of overall daze, is among the highest-THC cannabis on Earth.

Let’s take a look at this spacey, ethereal strain and discover if it really will stop you shooting straight.

What is the Winter Berry Strain?

The Winter Berry strain is from Infinite Wellness Center, a Lakewood-based marijuana facility that specializes in developing strains with as much THC as possible.

The name comes from the high THC content and the area it creates, as well as its heritage. Winter Berry is a descendant of Jedi 41, a famous powerful strain.

In a sense, Winter Berry is the ultimate Star Wars strain because it blends an intense, spacey lethargy with a proud heritage of other Star Wars-related strains. The majority of people like smoking Winter Berry for its extremely powerful effects, some of which can last for hours.

Your spirits will rise the second you take your first puff of this spectacular strain, leaving you with a sense of almost intangibly satisfied self-satisfaction. This wave of euphoria and satisfaction will continue to build as the high develops, turning into a dreamy, almost spacey high.

The sensation of euphoria that comes with the first two hits continues as the high develops and eventually transforms into an otherworldly high.

You’ll be left wondering if you’re standing, flying, or floating as the lights go out around you. The couch lock, on the other hand, is extremely powerful and will keep you firmly planted to the nearest comfy surface.

Slowly, gradually, and gradually the brain-boosting, pleasant high will fade away to leave you relaxed and euphoric. You’ll be almost impossible to wake up, so be careful about making plans. Take it before bedtime instead.

The head high is primarily concentrated there, producing a powerful brain rush. The bodily high, on the other hand, is apparent despite the fact that sativa makes up only a minor percentage of its hybrid make-up. Expect to wake up alert, energized, and full of optimism for the future.


When you acquire a strain with a lot of THC and strong effects, you typically anticipate it to have a certain flavor profile. There is an understood expectation that cannabis strains high in THC smell like kush or diesel.

The only reason the name Winter Berry comes from the famous Star Wars character is because the strain was developed by The House of DNA. However, it’s a good kush with an excellent flavor profile that deserves some respect for its toughness and potency.

The initial aroma is certainly kush-like, but there is an almost unctuous richness as you smell it, almost like the smell of melting butter. This is backed up by plenty of those familiar diesel flavors, demonstrating its incredibly intense genetics.


When you break open your Storm Trooper buds and light them up, you’ll notice a similar kush flavor. It’s difficult to describe the taste of buttery kush in English. The best way to think of it is as a creamy, very satisfying herbaceousness nonetheless. It won’t have the flavor of any particular herbs, but it will remind you of something.

When you smoke diesel, it stands out all the more. There’s a little sourness to it that balances out the stronger tastes of this bud and results in a more well-rounded flavor experience.


The Winter Berry strain’s buds are small and resemble a Winter Berry helmet. They’re usually green, although the color is considerably darker and more powerful than normal. This gives it an especially lovely forest-y appearance.

Many white trichomes cover the surface, but it isn’t enough to make it seem like the armor of a Winter Berry. However, once you start smoking it, the under layer of extremely fluffy orange trichomes lets you know that you’re in for a real treat.

Winter Berry Strain Grow Info

Unfortunately, Winter Berry strain seeds are rather uncommon, despite their high THC content. Even if you live in a region where the plant is legal, chances are that no dispensaries will sell it to you since it’s so potent.

You may grow a clone by extracting a leaf and placing it in water. When done correctly, this produces an identical duplicate of the original plant. This clone will be a perfect replica of the source plant, so be sure to inquire about their techniques for success.

There isn’t much information about this strain because home growers cultivate a relatively small number of plants. However, once it’s planted, it should survive both indoors and outdoors well.

The Winter Berry cannabis strain is expected to endure well both indoors and outdoors.

Because this plant is mostly an indica-leaning hybrid, it will tend to look indica-like. As a result, your Winter Berry should develop short and bushy with rather dense foliage.

Make sure you trim the plant’s underbrush on a regular basis to encourage a more healthy growth pattern. This will guarantee that your Storm Trooper plant doesn’t devote too much of its energy to unneeded, non-bud producing leaves. To stimulate more lateral development, clip off the tip of the plant as described in “topping.”

The plant will grow more sideways-leaning branches, which are more likely to result in greater bud development due to additional sunshine access.

Medical Benefits of the Winter Berry Strain

Winter Berry could be used to cure a wide range of ailments due to its high strength.

Begin with CBD, which has been shown to help people who are suffering from insomnia or have difficulties sleeping. Anyone who suffers from insomnia or has trouble sleeping will find this strain beneficial. While it won’t put you out completely after taking it, a few hours after smoking it, this strain will cause you to fall asleep face down on your pillow.

Winter Berry is also a fantastic tool for relieving stress and anxiety. It also has significant mental benefits, since it is an excellent method to relieve emotional tension and stress. It will be nearly difficult to think about any stress or worry you are feeling after using Winter Berry.

Many individuals utilize Winter Berry to cure their sadness because of its ability to distract them from negative ideas or feelings. Chronic pain sufferers may benefit from the strain’s powerful THC punch, according on some people. Winter Berry is all about delivering as much of a impact as possible; owing to its otherworldliness, it has one of the most potent THC concentrations available.

Of course, there are some negative effects that come with such a strong concentration.

Possible Side Effects of the Winter Berry Strain

When you acquire a strain with so many health advantages, it’s only natural to anticipate some drawbacks. The most common issues with Storm Trooper relate to smokers being unaccustomed to using it.

You’ll certainly have dry eyes and a dry mouth after smoking, but they aren’t as severe as you may think. This is due to the munchies it generates, which lead to increased water intake and combating any dryness that may be affecting you.

Winter Berry is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has THC levels of 20 percent or greater. It has mental effects and is related to overconsumption. Because it contains high amounts of THC, smoking too much at once is quite simple. This might induce anxiety as well as a heightened awareness of danger.

The major issue, though, is the psychedelic effects that develop after smoking too much. Anyone who has ever used typical psychedelics would understand, but it can be quite disorienting if you aren’t used to it. The walls will move and waver, making it difficult to express yourself or even fully wrap your head around what’s going on in the immediate surroundings.

However, as long as you are extremely cautious with your dosage, you should be fine.

Final Thoughts on the Winter Berry Strain

The Winter Berry strain is not only an excellent method to pretend to be an imperial Winter Berry fighting for the Empire; it’s also a great example of a potent cannabis variety. With its powerful indica effects and rapid onset, this strain will either put you out or lift you to new heights of THC intensity.

This strain is very easy to overdo, so take precautions while smoking it. However, if you exercise caution and understand your limits, you will have an incredible spacey experience in a galaxy far, far away.

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