Your first sex toy

The Complete Guide To Selecting Your First Sex Toy -

You might not know this, but the first sex toy is actually traced back to ancient Greece! In fact, the word “dildo” is thought to have originated from the Latin word “dilatare,” which means to open wide with While it’s uncertain exactly when they first invented them, some experts suggest that it could be as early as 28,000 BCE.

Today, sex toys come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for all kinds of pleasure. From vibrators and dildos to anal beads and even bondage gear—there truly is something for everyone. And thanks to technology, many of today’s sex toys are designed with powerful vibrations and state-of-the-art features like app-controls.

Your first sex toy

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So what else makes sex toys so special? Here are a few things worth noting:

  1. Sex toys can bring new levels of sensation and pleasure to both solo and partner play
  2. Sex toys can help improve communication between partners
  3. Sex toys can add an extra layer of intimacy by creating an environment where partners can explore each other’s bodies in new ways
  4. Sex toys can have a positive impact on sexual health by improving blood flow and circulation
  5. Sex toys can increase feelings of comfort and security during masturbation by providing a physical connection
  6. Sex toys can help individuals explore their own sexual desires and fantasies in a safe way

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