Burnaby weed

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Now that you know the steps for visiting a weed store, what can you expect to purchase Burnaby weed? The options available vary from store to store, but there are certain strains and types that you’ll find in most outlets.

Cannabis Flower

The classic form of marijuana, cannabis flower is still a popular choice among many because of its versatility and discreetness. When smoked or vaped, flower produces effects more quickly than edibles and other forms of Burnaby weed.

Cannabis Edibles

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As an alternative to smoking or vaping, edibles are a great way to experience the desired results of cannabis in a tasty treat. You’ll find versions for both recreational and medical use that come in different shapes, sizes and flavors.

CBD Products

In addition to THC-infused products, some stores may offer broad-spectrum CBD items as well. CBD products don’t contain THC like traditional weed products do, making them perfect for those who are looking for the holistic benefits without the psychoactive effects.

Whether you’re looking for flower, edibles or CBD products, rest assured that there are some incredible choices available if you visit a weed store in Burnaby.

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