How to Maintain Your RC Car

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Maintenance is key when it comes to keeping your RC car running at its best. To ensure a smooth ride and protect the electronics over time, here are some things you should do with

Clean Your Car Regularly

Keep your RC car clean by wiping away dirt and dust from the exterior that can cause paint damage, as well as grime buildup on moving parts or wheels. Even just brushing off with a soft cloth can make a difference.

Make Sure Battery Contacts are Clean

Check your RC car’s battery contacts regularly to make sure there isn’t any dirt, oil or corrosion build up. This will ensure optimal connectivity between your battery and the vehicle, and prolong its life.

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Check Your Gearbox Oil Level

While most RC cars will come with their gearbox oil pre-filled, you want to make sure that levels don’t get too low after use—especially if you like to drive in rough terrain. Top up the oil if need be! This helps reduce the wear and tear on moving components, thus increasing its lifespan.

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