Rotten Runtz Weed Strain

Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) came up with the Rotten Runtz cannabis strain, which is an indica-dominant hybrid containing THC levels of up to 25 percent. It’s a cross between Chiquita Banana and OG Kush Genetics, with THC levels ranging from 20 to 25 percent. Try our Kootenayz Exoticz.

Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) conducted a very thorough breeding project to produce the Rotten Runtz. The objective was to combine the biggest, fattest Banana OG plants in the world. RQS thinks that this is an all-powerful hybrid strain that will profoundly influence cannabis culture in the near future — it’s just a glimmer of a utopia era at this point.

RQS breeders went out to find the greatest genetics and invested the necessary time in developing Royal Dankness. They began with a stringent selection process to identify the most heavy-yielding and potent Banana OG plants. After that, they tried to combine the greatest characteristics while eliminating any faults from the Banana OG lineage.

The objective of this project was to create and perfect a strain that is rarely seen. Rotten Runtz, a strain with some unusual characteristics that will appeal to connoisseurs, cultivators, and collectors alike, especially those looking for a one-of-a-kind stash, was the result.

What Is Rotten Runtz Cannabis?

The strain’s origins could be traced to the Big Monster OG Kush, which was bred back in 1993. It was crossed with Chiquita Banana, a Skunk lineage cultivar. It’s a heritage with a lot of clout behind it that laid the groundwork for Rotten Runtz’s greatness. THC levels in this strain can reach as high as 25%, which is extremely evident in its potency.

This is the strain for you if you’re searching for a strong cannabis plant with an exceptionally delicious taste. The lusciously sweet, fruity flavor and subtle initial euphoric effects might cause you to take more than you intended with Rotten Runtz. It’s incredibly strong, though. Those who are less experienced should proceed carefully since the high might easily overpower those who are less experienced.

Expect a powerful physical stone high to creep up and take effect sooner or later, followed by an out of this world relaxing feeling.

Because it has such a high THC level, only a few tokes of Rotten Runtz will be enough for occasional users to go straight to sleep, while more tolerant individuals will have a quick moment to enjoy the banana taste before being overcome by a powerful physical couchlock.

All it takes is a few drags for users to enter a new realm of awareness. Rotten Runtz, on the other hand, stimulates a severe case of the munchies – if you don’t fall asleep before hunger pains set in.


The Rotten Runtz aroma is of sour bananas and fresh, earthy fruits accented by a touch of sharp citrus.


The sweetness of the banana in Fluffy Banana Ice Cream is tempered by earthy and sour citrus undertones. Of course, there’s a strong banana presence that’s complemented by earthy and sour citrus nuances.


The Rotten Runtz is a bushy cultivar with a big, central cola. Lower buds aren’t as fat as certain strains, but they’re thick and really dense. It’s a very frosty plant with a great bud to leaf ratio that saves time when trimming: be careful of the stretch while the plant grows tall but keeps tight node spacing. The Rotten Runtz buds have huge, chunky pepper-shaped pale green leaves covered in orange hairs and shiny amber crystal trichomes.

Rotten Runtz Strain Grow Info

When grown indoors, the Banana strain takes 7 to 8 weeks to flower and produce an average of 350-400 g/m2 under a 600w light. However, in outdoor conditions, these plants thrive best.

In warmer climates, the plant grows up to 140 cm tall and has bushy branches. The plant usually blooms throughout the year in most of North America, with high winter temperatures causing it to bloom early before yielding late-season flowers. Untrained plants may grow somewhat taller than normal indica bushes because of their untrimmed height, resulting in enormous bushes that might require some support.

You may expect a tremendous harvest by the end of September, which might tip the scales. When cultivated outside, you can anticipate 450-500 gr/plant for each plant.

Organic growing is highly encouraged. Rotten Runtz does not require special feeding aside from regular bloom boosters. Plants thrive when exposed to frequent light/medium-strength nutrient solutions, although excellent yields may be achieved with hydroponics – just make sure to flush your system.

The THC level of the highly powerful Sweet Skunk is 25% to 29%, which is far more than in other strains. However, some lab tests have discovered a THC level of up to 28 percent, which is quite remarkable.

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that Rotten Runtz contains only trace amounts of CBD, given that it has a much higher than average THC level. There are only a few strains out there that manage to contain high levels of both CBD and THC.

Medical Benefits of Rotten Runtz Strain

Rotten Runtz can be used to help those who have medical issues, such as chronic stress, depression, sleeplessness, muscular spasms, and hunger loss, thanks to its exceptionally high THC levels and strong effects.

The high of this strain is overpowering, so if you’re not used to using marijuana, it’s best to avoid it. However, if you can handle the Rotten Runtz high and want an appetite stimulant for those who have an eating issue, it’s a fantastic sleep aid. Furthermore, if you have insomnia, it may help you fall asleep quickly.

The Rotten Runtz high is primarily felt in the body, making it ideal for reducing pain. The body high from being an indica-dominant strain helps to numb minor to severe aches, allowing the mind and body to relax. Because of its strong indica foundation, don’t expect to be very active when taking Rotten Runtz. However, if you want a couch-locked effect with great sleep, you’ll love it.

Possible Side Effects of Rotten Runtz Strain

The smoking of high THC marijuana strains, such as Rotten Runtz, can result in several unpleasant consequences. The most frequent physical side effects linked to THC are red eyes and a dry mouth. While these are merely minor problems, they may be very vexing. To minimize the issue, drink lots of water and keep eye drops on hand.

High-THC strains might also produce more severe side effects, such as anxiety and paranoia. While cannabis has been found to help with anxiety in tiny doses, larger dosages can actually exacerbate symptoms of worry. This is why careful dosing is so crucial. Consuming too much marijuana is more prone to induce negative reactions than consuming too little.

Final Thoughts on Rotten Runtz Strain

One of the newest Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) family members is Rotten Runtz, which has quickly earned a following among cannabis users. Close your eyes and picture yourself in the tropics; that’s Rotten Runtz.

This strain may appear to be a lot of fun, but it is powerful. Rotten Runtz has been dubbed “for the brave weed warrior” by RQS. If you consume too much of this marijuana strain, you could wind up melting into a ball on the couch. It should go without saying that this cannabis strain is not for neophytes.

Rotten Runtz is best used late at night or just before going to bed, since it will quickly make you immobile, with surprising speed. If you get hungry throughout the munchies, load up on food beforehand. However, you will eventually fall asleep, making this ideal for people who have difficulty sleeping.

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