Purple Yeti Strain

The Purple Yeti marijuana strain is a well-balanced hybrid. The breed was originally created by TGA Subcool, who is also credited with developing the strain. The buds have a powerful fragrance that smells of blackberries and raspberries, as promised by the name. It’s a strong variety with THC levels up to 25 percent. Try You can buy Kootenayz Exoticz.

The Purple Yeti is a well-balanced combination of indica and sativa strains that melds the best of both worlds. It’s a relaxing as well as invigorating strain that’ll perk up your night. Because to its balanced indica/sativa proportions and THC/CBD ratio, Purple Yeti is ideal for both recreational and medical users. TGA Subcool Seeds developed the Purple Yeti as part of their initial Kush breeding program. Black Cherry Soda x Space Queen buds were crossed to generate between 20 and 30% THC.

The Purple Yeti is a THC-dominant hybrid, as it was created to be. Different batches of Purple Yeti may have a different indica or sativa flavor, but the strain was designed to be well-balanced. It’s a nice and straightforward strain for leisure use that provides smokers with an intellectual high that doesn’t “freeze” them. Because the indica component is well-balanced in nature, you should anticipate it to make its way into your body.

Because of the distinct berry scent, the Purple Yeti was originally known as Pink Lady. This strain’s availability has now expanded beyond its Pacific Northwest origins and into states that border California.

What Is the Purple Yeti Strain?

The Purple Yeti is a TGA Subcool hybrid that combines the best of both indica and sativa into a balanced strain without breaking you down. The pleasant scent of this mix was aided by the use of Black Cherry Soda as a parent strain. It also passed on its strong sativa characteristics, which are nicely complemented by its physical high.

The Purple Yeti is a well-known cross between two strains, which has been around for a while. It has diverse parents, but its most famous is Space Queen, which is considered one of the greatest combinations. It gives fast and sometimes trippy highs. The main difference between the first and second phenotypes of the Purple Yeti strain is in potency and flavor. The first has a smaller stature than the second; however, it offers greater taste and strength. The second phenotype is taller and bushier with less taste and strength than the first.

The Purple Yeti is a wonderful way to lift your spirits. It creates an uplifting effect that leads to cerebral euphoria almost immediately. Users frequently state that their heads are clearer and, in certain cases, more alert. Over time, the indica features begin to creep into the body.

The relaxing buzz lends to the body’s relaxation and puts users into a deep level of relaxation after it kicks in. It’s powerful yet doesn’t appear to cause couch-lock. Those who use more than they can handle, on the other hand, may find themselves bound to their bed or sofa.


The fruity scent of the Purple Yeti strain is distinctive. It has a berry-like sweetness to it and gives off an interesting earthy smell. The aroma, to most people’s delight, lingers on in the flavor as well.

The scent of purple yeti is reminiscent of cakes and sweet dishes from your youth, which might remind you of blueberries. Because it has Kush DNA, undertones of pine, skunk, and citrus may be smelled. When vaped, these earthy and delicious scents are blended to produce the rich aroma.


The Purple Yeti is either flavorful or non-flavorful, depending on the version you choose. The flavor of this strain is fruity and sweet with undertones of citrus. It has a strong spicy aftertaste that lingers.

The smoke has a light to medium brown color. The flavor is generally reported as berries, especially blueberries and blackberries. The smoke has a full body and goes down easily. It contains just enough sweetness to keep you satisfied throughout the day.


There may be a wide range of pink, golden-yellow, and violet shades among the forest green bud leaves of some Plush Berry cultivars. These vivid hues are only visible in cannabis buds cultivated in cold climates; they’re a survival mechanism against chilly temperatures.

Purple Yeti strains come in two phenotypes, each with its own set of features. One creates smaller, pink-tinted plants, while the other generates bulkier, more indica-like buds.

Purple Yeti Strain Grow Info

The Purple Yeti cannabis plant thrives in soil and can grow both indoors and out. It has an eight- to ten-week flowering time that may be started with hydroponics, although it does much better when planted in dirt. To make the plant bushier and branch out more, Subcool TGA urges topping it.


The plant matures to a height of up to four feet indoors. This plant consumes less floor space than taller varieties do. Purple Yeti needs more care than other strains. The flowering period lasts about 55 to 65 days. You will get between 3 and 7 ounces per square meter when the crop is ready for harvest. Many consumers are put off by this strain’s low yield because


The Purple Yeti is a difficult strain to grow. By the end of the ninth week, it generates only 7 ounces per plant, and there’s even potential for more. Aside from that, there isn’t much information on how to cultivate this plant in open areas.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Purple Yeti strain has an average THC concentration of 17 percent. However, some tests have revealed THC levels of up to 25%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

In general, the CBD concentration in Purple Yeti is less than 1%. However, according to tests, certain strains have been found to include up to 2% CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Purple Yeti Strain

Purple Yeti’s light sedation and body melt, as well as a low-level high that does not interfere with daily tasks, make it ideal for patients with little to moderate physical problems.

Its indica side’s more happy and soothing qualities may assist with mental health issues as well as a more optimistic mood. It might be useful in treating anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD), and ADHD.

It has been used to treat a variety of conditions, including headaches, anxiety, depression, arthritis pain and blood pressure. It might also help people manage minor chronic pains and discomfort as well as low blood pressure. It can also help people who suffer from insomnia since it makes them drowsy. Patients suffering from serious health issues will want to seek for another cannabis strain high in CBD (between 3% and 10%).

Possible Side Effects of the Purple Yeti Strain

Dry mouth is something that users of Purple Yeti should expect. Aside from that, there are no other negative effects linked to this strain unless you use it excessively. You should stick to a rigorous smoking practice.

Mucuna pruriens seeds have been found to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, although in high doses they can cause drowsiness. Dizziness or headaches might occur when larger amounts are consumed. New users are more likely to be caught off guard by the strong head high that appears early on and experience a brief period of panic.

Final Thoughts on the Purple Yeti Strain

The Purple Yeti is sometimes referred to as an indica, but it produces some really chill vibes. The high produced by this strain is just right – not too light and not too strong. However, those who are unfamiliar with cannabis may find it a bit sedating. Purple Yeti is a genuine stress-buster that works rather quickly and leaves you feeling calm, cheerful throughout the entire experience.

For those who enjoy the herb, this strain offers an overall chill ambience and a good sense of well-being. This bud may be particularly beneficial to individuals who are susceptible to anxiety since it delivers a calmness without causing mental clouding. Purple Yeti is the ideal strain to take along to a happy hour because it generates amusing banter in moderate doses. In general, when taken in small amounts, it will generate funny conversations.

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